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Heads up to everyone on the roads in and around Daytona Beach: Over the next few weeks our area will be host to nearly half a million bikers coming from all over the country for the biggest motorcycle event of the year. This year Bike Week, a tradition since 1937, will be officially occurring from February 27th to March 8th, with bikers seen starting to come into the area already. It is sure to be an exciting time for bikers, filled with hundreds of events and shows for all motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy. However, it is also a time when many bikers are injured or killed on the roads in and around Volusia County. 2006 was the worst year to date when 21 fatalities were reported, and an uncounted number of serious injuries occurred.

As the lead attorney of a team of top, experienced and innovative motorcycle accident injury lawyers, that have been helping injured bikers and their passengers for over 38 years, throughout North Florida, including Daytona Beach and Volusia County, I have often blogged and written about topics concerning biker safety. Topics that include how bikers can protect themselves on the road and also before getting on their bikes by making sure they are protected with adequate insurance in the case of an unlucky, unplanned event/accident with a car or truck or a spill.

Beware bikers: Unfortunately the roads, even during Bike Week, will be shared with larger vehicles that sadly have a history of saying, “I just never saw the motorcycle” after a collision with a biker and inflicting severe injuries.

Remember: Most motorcyclists that are in accidents are involved in an accident with a car or truck that does not see them.

Therefore: It is very important for all vehicles to take extra precautions during the weeks ahead and take the extra time involved to look twice or even three times before turning, changing lanes, etc.

And: It is also the time for bikers enjoying Bike Week to ride as if they were invisible to the cars and other vehicles around them on the road and not invulnerable to being in an accident. This is especially good advice in the weeks ahead when many drivers and bikers may be joining in on the celebrations that will be abundant in and around Daytona, and having some “adult beverages”.

A last word of advice to bikers coming to Daytona Beach from out-of-state: In the State of Florida, cars and truck drivers are not required to have any Bodily Liability insurance converge, as other States require, that will offer protection to the motorcyclists that they may injure. We estimate that over 2/3rds of drivers that you will encounter on the road in Florida today, have little or no Liability insurance.

Point is, to all out-of-state (and in-state motorcyclists): Make sure to protect yourself by purchasing adequate Uninsured Motorist coverage insurance, at least $100,000, and at least $50,000 of Medical Payment coverage, before you head to Daytona’s world famous Bike Week! Reason being: This will help protect you in the event that you are involved in a serious accident with a careless car or truck driver.

Have fun and ride safely!

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