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Moving? Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourself Movers.

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Tis the season for moving for many Floridians that are heading back to school, or are starting a new job.

When loading and transporting property on trailers there are important safety concerns that can reduce your risk of having a roadside disaster and increase trailer and driving safety. Unless you are a trained moving expert or an experienced big-rig driver, this is a time to make sure you load the moving van or truck properly and proceed cautiously before heading on the highway with a heavy load. As an accident attorney, here are some important tips that may help you arrive safely:

  1. If you are renting a moving van or truck, make sure it is from a reputable company and that their vehicles are in good repair. Check the truck over, paying especially close attention to the tires; worn, damaged or improperly inflated tires, combined with a heavy load is a set up for a blow-out on the Interstate, resulting in loss of control or rolling over.
  1. Do not overload the van or truck, it is suggested that you rent a vehicle that is 10 to 15% bigger than you need for your household goods. If you are loading your own vehicle, double check the recommended weight limit and do not exceeded it; an overloaded vehicle can cause a blow-out or loss of control.
  1. When loading, remember to load it properly and make sure that the weight is balanced and secured. Start with the heavy furniture first, getting it secured and balanced in the front of the box, i.e. if you put a heavy object on one side, balance it with another heavy object on the other side. Then place mattresses along the sides to cushion and secure the load, or use straps to properly secure the load. Remember, gravity is not an acceptable method of securing a load! Unbalanced and shifting loads can cause major accidents on the Interstate due to loss of control and/or roll-overs.
  1. Do not transport flammable materials in the moving van or trailer, such as gas, or propane. In California last month, a moving van exploded when a BBQ and 2 propane tanks ignited. Also, in California, this month a man moving natural gas containers had to jump from his truck when they exploded.
  1. When you finally get on the road give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination; do not rush. Driving a heavy van or truck or even your own heavily loaded vehicle is a different experience. Remember, heavy vehicles take more time to stop, and moving vans or trucks require a wider turning radius, so easy does it!

Safe Moving!