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Jeffrey Meldon
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“6 Days On The Road” may not be safe for the american public

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In light of the controversy over the expansion of the number of straight driving hours permitted truckers in a day from 10 to 11, I have a few things to say. As a truck accident attorney that has helped many clients with the devastating effects of tractor-trailer accidents over 37 years, I can tell you that it does not take a rocket scientist to know when a trucker is driving long hours, it gets monotonous, tiring and dangerous.

A trucker in this condition may do many things to keep alert so they can keep on driving such as taking drugs, taking their eyes off the road to get a CD, change the radio station, or talk on their cell phone or even text message. This can all be a recipe for disaster when a trucker is tired and possibly speeding to get to their destination.

Case on point is the song, Six Days on the Road Six Days on the Road, originally sung by Dave Dudley in 1963, called the definitive celebration of the American Truck Driver. The lyrics of this classic song clearly exemplify a trucker’s life: “6 days on the road and I’m gonna make it home tonight..”, “I can dodge all the scales”, “taking white pills”, “passing everything is sight”, “log books a way behind”, “I’m a little overweight”, “my rigs a little old but, that don’t mean she’s slow”, “not a cop in sight”, etc.

Interestingly, the truck drivers are against this increase in the permitted number of hours as well, because they more than anyone else know how unsafe this new law is to the American public “on the road”.