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Craig Cannon
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Nursing Home Abuse Ends in Wrongful Death

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Choosing a good nursing home is difficult. Unfortunately for the family of one elderly person, the nursing home they choose for their mother resulted in her wrongful death. The 81 year who suffered from alzheimer’s was abused by aides at the nursing home. Thankfully, cases like this are rare – but resident advocates and nursing home administrators alike say elder abuse, in all its forms, is all too common.

So what do you need to know before moving your loved one to a nursing home? You will, of course, need to visit the place — but when, and what should you look for? Experts say go on a weekend, or in the evening. If a facility has a problem with meeting staffing requirements — this is when you’ll see it. You’re also urged to talk to an administrator, and see how the administrator relates to the staff. The way the staff and administration relate is the way the staff and the residents are going to relate.