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Jeffrey Meldon

Moving? Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourself Movers.

Tis the season for moving for many Floridians that are heading back to school, or are starting a new job.
When loading and transporting property on trailers there are important safety concerns that…

Jeffrey Meldon

Asleep at the Wheel?

A big rig driver battles drowsiness on a 40-hour haul, a cell phone distracts him, and a school bus is stopped directly ahead on a busy highway in afternoon traffic.
Such was the horrifying scene…

Jeffrey Meldon

“6 Days On The Road” may not be safe for the american public

In light of the controversy over the expansion of the number of straight driving hours permitted truckers in a day from 10 to 11, I have a few things to say. As a truck accident attorney that has…

Jeffrey Meldon

Reaction to Ocala Bus Tragedy

Only days after the tragic death of middle school student Frances Schee–caused by an accident between the school bus on which Frances was riding and a tractor trailer–Elissa Schee, the mother of…

Jeffrey Meldon

Driving While Using a Cell Phone Issue Becomes Reality In Our Community

On September 23, 2008, thirteen year-old Frances Schee was killed while riding the bus home from North Marion Middle School. The school bus made a routine stop on U.S. 301 when a tractor-trailer…

Craig Cannon

Two Killed in Crash with Semi

Two Ocala women who had just left a bar died in a fiery head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. The women were driving on the wrong side of U.S. 301. The collision occurred just before 11 p.m. two miles south of Citra. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they saw flames shooting 20 to 25 feet in the air. The truck and the Jeep Wrangler the two women were in were engulfed in fire.The…

Shannon Weidemann

Woman Killed by Semi-Truck Wheel Near Ocala

A 30-year-old woman was killed when the car she was a passenger in was hit by a tire from a semi-truck. The accident happened early Monday morning on I-75 outside of Ocala. The car was headed north when the front wheels on a semi-truck heading south broke off the truck and came across the median. The semi-truck driver did not stop.Lt. Mike Thomas said the truck driver stopped at a Petro Truck…

Shannon Weidemann

Dump Truck and Pickup Truck Involved in Collision

A pickup truck carrying 4 men was driving eastbound on U.S. 27 this morning when it collided with a dump truck. The front of the pickup went underneath the dump truck.Ocala Fire-Rescue officials reported it took about 40 minutes to extricate the two men from the blue-and-white pickup’s front seat using the Jaws of Life and other cutting tools.Fire-Rescue spokesman Battalion Chief Wendell Rora…

Shannon Weidemann

Florida Power & Light Truck Hits Minivan

A Florida Power & Light truck hit a minivan near the Golden Gates Estates Branch Library. It was by the intersection of 13th Street Northwest and Golden Gate Boulevard. The accident occurred near a Golden Gate fire station and was observed by a fire captain. The driver of the minivan was rescued from the vehicle and than airlifted to a local hospital. It is unknown if the driver of the FPL…