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Chrissie Cole

Florida Motorcyclist Killed In Crash With Black Bear

A motorcycle accident claimed the life of a motorcyclist, 51, today, when a black bear ran out in front of his motorcycle causing him to lose control on a Marion County road, according to Florida…

Jeffrey Meldon

Bike Week 2009 wrapping up.

Daytona Beach Bike Week 2009 is wrapping up the festivities today and regrettably there have been 7 reported deaths this past 10 days. Fortunately this number is down considerably from 2006 when…

Jeffrey Meldon

A Warning to the Motorcyclists: Hazardous Conditions on the Roads

As the biggest Bike Week in the country is occurring in Daytona Beach this week, I wanted to give another word of caution to the bikers in and around Volusia County especially in light of the 7…

Jeffrey Meldon

Are loud pipes protecting motorcycle riders?

According to many riders in Daytona Beach for Bike Week, this week, they wouldn’t be caught dead on the road without their loud, modified, unbaffled straight pipes. They feel that it provides…

Jeffrey Meldon

Heads up to everyone on the roads in and around Daytona Beach:

Heads up to everyone on the roads in and around Daytona Beach: Over the next few weeks our area will be host to nearly half a million bikers coming from all over the country for the biggest…

Jeffrey Meldon

Motorcycle riders need to protect themselves NOW more than EVER!

There has been a recent news buzz regarding the Insurance Research Counsel’s (IRC) release of findings last month of a nationwide study that showed that 23%, (nearly one in four), of motor…

Jeffrey Meldon

Motorcycle Crash with Car Kills Rider

James Cassles, age 50, was killed Saturday night after his motorcycle crashed head-on into a car. Cassles had been traveling west on S.R 100 at about 11:40 pm according to Clay County sheriff…

Jeffrey Meldon

Motorcyclist Dies-Not Wearing Helmet

A Deltona motorcyclist,Steven Louies Cruz,23, died yesterday after he lost control on a curve in the road and ran into a fence post. He was not wearing a helmet, which in Florida is lawful, so long…