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Gainesville Move Over Law Crackdown

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Gainesville/Alachua County will begin a crackdown on enforcing a five year old law requiring drivers to move over to avoid police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks on the side of the road.  The move over law was enacted the year after 24 police officers nationwide were killed after being hit by other vehicles.   Violators will be ticketed and required to pay $96.50.  If the driver sees an emergency situation ahead they must either move over to the other lane or slow down to 20 miles under the speed limit.  This common sense approach to the law was strongly supported by Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell who commented that even employees at the sheriff’s office were not aware of the law.  If we are asking our police and rescue personnel to risk their lives to help us out in emergencies the least we can do is to reduce the risk of causing another accident.