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Don’t Let Them Longhorns Outshine Us – Here Is What You Can Do Today:

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Austin, Texas, is the home of the University of Texas Longhorns and the Texas Legislature. In Texas, known for its rugged individualism, lawmakers have progressively passed a law restricting the rights of drivers to use their cell phones in “active” school zones.

Florida already lags behind many other states in recognizing the dangers of cell phone use. This is yet another example of Florida being beaten to the punch.

As a long time accident attorney and Gator fan, I am sure if the University of Florida Gators were playing the University of Texas Longhorns at the BCS football championship game next January, as predicted by many sports writers, Florida would spare no expense, nor would take any risk, to make sure that the Gators arrived safely for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, the site of this year’s National Championship Game. I am also sure that drivers for the Team would not be allowed to be texting or chatting on their cells while driving the Team.

In this instance, it is incumbent upon the Florida Legislature to ensure that our future Gators arrive at their destinations safely.

I urge you to write your legislature now. Don’t wait! Many bills will be pre-filed in anticipation of next Spring’s annual get-together of our lawmakers in Tallahassee. Write or call your representative today. Urge them to make our roads safer for our school children and the general public by, banning cell phone use while behind the wheel – especially in school zones!

Contact your Florida Representative and Senator. Press on this link to find the names of your Senator and Representative.

Show you care!

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    Go ‘Horns ;)

    Texting should be illegal while driving anywhere.