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CSX Railroad Train Kills Grandmother

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Cynthia Forman, a 58 year old grandmother, was killed yesterday when a CSX railroad train was unable to stop and hit her as she was crossing the tracks in her car. The railroad tracks crossed a private road that Ms. Forman was driving on.  There apparently was no warning device to alert the victim of the oncoming train.  The crash marks the 18th fatal crash this year in Alachua County , Florida.  Last week I reported on the efforts of CSX railroad to get the Florida legislature to protect it from lawsuits arising from railroad accidents as part of a proposed deal to create the green “dream train.”  This is yet another example of why CSX wants to manipulate the people of Florida and limit their right to make valid claims for serious injuries or wrongful death.  CSX will have no motivation to create safety warning devices at dangerous crossings if the state provides sovereign immunity (limits on the right to sue) to CSX.  Trains are dangerous and the people of this state and our visitors need to be protected.